Friday, October 24, 2014

Battle Report: "We're Surrounded!!" - part 1

Just the other night, my gaming buddy John and I played out an Ultra Modern scenario for Fistful of TOWs.

It was a pickup game, but using forces from my upcoming campaign. In this case, the game pitted elements of the neo-soviet "Red" force against elements of a US Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT). I played Red, and John played the SBCT.

The scenario was randomly generated from the FFT3 rulebook. It was to be the Encirclement scenario, with the SBCT as defender. A brief synopsis of the scenario is:
  • 6' x 4' table, game length 10 turns;
  • Defender (SBCT) sets up at one end (short table edge), up to 2' in from the edge. Defender got 5000pts;
  • Attacker (Reds) come onto the table, using moving deployment, from one or both long table edges (flank edges). Attacker got 10 000 pts;
  • The defender gets 1 VP for exiting at least one unit from the opposite (short) table edge, and 1 VP for occupying the third of the table closest to that edge. As the tabletop was an 8' area, we were only using the table up to the river (ie. we ignored the terrain north of the river). So to 'exit', these troops just had to touch the river;
  • Attacker gets 1 VP for causing 1/3 casualties, and an extra 1 VP for causing 2/3 casualties (in number of units).
For my points I got a Mechanised Brigade, comprising 2 Mechanised Battalions of Infantry in IFVs (BMP-3) and 2 Battalions of Tanks (T-90). Additionally, the brigade's support companies (AT, AA, Recon,  Engr) and the Brigade's Artillery Battalion (2S19). I also purchased an extra Battalion of 2S19s from the Divisional Artillery Regiment. All troops were rated "Fair".

John got two companies of M1A2 SEP MBTs and a company of Strykers and Infantry. These were supported by an Artillery Battalion (M-777 Towed). All rated "Good".

The table looked like this (my plan is superimposed on it):

Table setup (Nth is top of picture)
with the Red Plan
to be continued...

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