Friday, October 24, 2014

"We're surrounded!!" - part 3

As the Red commander, I soon realised I had to take some risks to achieve something.

The US tanks were in good positions covering the open ground around them and not allowing my troops to get around their flanks. I saw what they had done to one of my T-90 battalions frontally, and didn't feel like risking the other.

I also realised that my BMP-3s, despite being very heavily armed for an IFV (100mm gun, 30mm cannon, tube-launched ATGM) could not harm the M1A2s, except with an ATGM shot to the flank armour. And I wasn't going to get any of those from my current positions. And worse, the northern most M1A2 company was now in position to engage and destroy multiple BMPs in the light woods per turn, which they started doing.

But I did have something that could harm the M1A2s - my Red Infantry dismounts were luck enough to be armed with Spike SR as their MAW. These missiles are relatively short range, but are top-attack and can therefore penetrate the M1A2's top (flank) armour. So, I decided to take the somewhat drastic action of dismounting my infantry from both battalions, and moving them forward to engage the M1s.

RED Infantry moves forward from their BMPs, covered by the light woods

I was able to make use of cover from the woods and hills scattered around, moving forward over several turns towards the US MBTs, until the Red infantry were positioned in covered positions in light woods to the front of the US tanks, but also luckily within the range of their Spike SRs. Meanwhile, both of my Artillery battalions were hitting and suppressing this M1A2 company.

The other battalion also moves forward

Two battalions of 152mm Artillery pins one M1A2 platoon and destroys a second

In a single turn, my luck changed on this front. My artillery caused a failed quality check on one of the M1A2 platoons, destroying it due to failed morale, and pinned the second tank platoon. Two of my infantry platoons took a shot at the other visible M1A2 platoon in the heavy woods with their MAWs. I got very lucky (or John very unlucky). Both ATGMs hit, he failed both terrain cover saves, and I brewed up the M1A2 platoon. The Third platoon of the MBT company subsequently failed its quality check (for unit losses) and retired to the rear.

RED Infantry in the tree-line destroy a second M1A2 platoon with Spike-SR MAWs

As this was going on, John's Stryker company performed a sneaky, but very successful infiltration through the woods on the eastern flank, attacking my Brigade HQ and reserve. He dismounted his infantry, and swept through from my HQ's flank through the woods. His infantry close-assaulted, destroying my HQ, and the defending Engineer company. His Strykers subsequently mounted up and drove north, un-opposed, to their objective (the river).

Stryker Infantry on the move - dismounts lead through the light woods

They move into the flank of the unsuspecting RED Brigade HQ (top) and Engineer Company, in reserve
The RED Engineers dismount, but were close-assaulted by the US Infantry

That's how the game ended. The US SBCT had earned 1 VP for exiting a unit. The Red Mech Brigade had earned 1 VP for killing 1/3 of the US units (one of their 3 companies - an MBT company). A draw, but the US troops had inflicted very heavy casualties against overwhelming odds.

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