Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gamecraft Miniatures' 1:600 Buildings

A company that has recently joined the 3mm / 1:600 movement is Gamecraft Miniatures:

Gamecraft produce a wide range of scenery, for 1:285 and other scales. In recent months, however, they've converted some of the 1:285 scale products and added them as 1:600 items to the range. The owner, Allen, provides great service and is very passionate about his products, which I think is fantastic.

When they came out a few months ago, I ordered some of their buildings, to add to my city-scapes. Unfortunately I'd been lazy since then and not assembled them for use. But I recently rectified this, and the assembled buildings featured in my most recent battle report.

recent BATREP - the high-rise buildings are all from Gamecraft.
The models are made of nice sturdy laser-cut card, and are easy to assemble. Being laser-cut, they are very crisp and accurate, and go together easily with just some white-glue. They come in multiple parts, as shown below:

The buildings are very nice once assembled, with plenty of window and door openings. Easy to paint too - I just spray painted mine, then gave them a bit of a dry-brush for weathering. For extra sturdiness, I based mine up but this probably isn't necessary.

Assembled building.
6-story High-rise apartment style.
I think in a pinch, you could use them like this, unpainted, for cold-war era concrete apartment blocks and the like. The grey cardboard doesn't look too bad. For mine, though, I spray under-coated them and painted them.

Some other buildings based up.
Factory buildings. For some reason these ones came with no roof sections?
A bit annoying, but easy to fix - cut some card or plastic-card sheet to size and glue it on.
The unpainted single-story buildings (behind) are monopoly-style buildings supplied by PicoArmor.

Another industrial building - I like this one...

High-rise buildings in various shapes, heights and sizes. Good variety.
After painting, I think they are improved by sticking some card on the inside, so you can't see straight through the buildings. Black card is good, but tinted plastic-sheet could also work very nicely. 

More industrial buildings.
On the right is one of my favourites - a large bombed-out factory.
This is the building I used as the objective in my last BATREP.
Again, I've added a plasti-card roof. I need to add some rubble and debris to the building too.
Gamecraft also does a 1:600 option for his 'Modular Terrain System', utilising hexagonal MDF tiles. There is also a road system that can be purchased with this. If I didn't already have lots of Hexon terrain, I might have considered this as an option - it looks very reasonably priced, compact for storage, and good quality.

Overall, Gamecraft's products are a good addition to the options for 3mm scenery. I would like to see some additional items down the track, particularly some smaller buildings. I think these should be do-able in the same 1:600 card-stock? Items like rows of townhouses and shops, plus middle-eastern buildings would be great additions in my opinion.

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