Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FFT House Rules added

I've now added a permanent link for my Fistful of TOWs house rules. It is below the campaign rules section, however the link is replicated here:

Bish's FFT House Rules

These cover some stuff not already covered in the rulebook (as comprehensive as it is!). Feel free to use them if you like them.

As a final note: The insurgents special rules have drawn inspiration from several other sets of rules, but have not been play-tested yet. I hope for an opportunity to do so soon. I imagine they will be frustrating for an opponent!


  1. Having just finished reading the novel "The Reckoning" where Indonesia invades Australia I was interested in doing a game based on the book, which in turn lead me to your your blog. Really tempted to use 3mm for the first time ever to play such a game. Your blog is really inspiring, and I now have a copy of FFT 3 to read and learn.

    Looking at the O8 miniatures, which ones did you use for the Aussie infantry? The US infantry look like they are prone, and I can't seem to find many images of the other nations' infantry to get some to match for Aussies.

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    2. Glad to hear, you're enjoying the blog, Shelldrake. I take it from your moniker that you're enjoying the hefty artillery fireplans?!

      I can't recommend 3mm enough for playing moderns, and obviously I'm biased to FFT as well, which do everything I want from a set of rules at this level.

      I actually use the "Cold War NATO infantry for my Aussie (and US) infantry. In this scale, it's hard to tell the difference and I like their poses. Different colours more than distingush the troops. Having said that, the Oddzial Osmy facebook page a few months back previewed a very nice standing modern US infantry figure. Hopefully those will be out soon as I'll probably use those for my US and Aussie infantry then.

  2. Thanks for the reply, and yep, artillery is close to my heart as you have guessed.

    The FFT rules are totally different to my usual gaming experience, which is skirmish games, and you will probably be able to see my question on stands in the FFT yahoo group too, as I noticed you have answered some other questions for gamers there too.