Saturday, March 7, 2015

Setting for Some Interesting "What-If" Scenarios?

UAE Leclerc MBT
I was reading Janes Defence Review magazine the other day, and it had an article on AFV modernisation programmes in the Persian Gulf states (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan). I was quite surprised and fascinated by the diversity of the equipment these countries possess between them. There is an interesting range of equipment, both old and new, and from many different countries. And most of it in fairly decent quantities.

Given there are well known tensions between various nations in this region, it struck me that the Gulf region could be an interesting setting for hypothetical scenarios, pitting armies against each other with a dazzling array of equipment, organisations and qualities. Also plenty of hypothetical scope for various alliances. And all this is even without any sort of western intervention forces involved!
The other interesting thing is that given the heavy predominance of 'western' equipment in many of the armies, this provides a possible setting for clashes between western equipment types which is somewhat unique. M1s vs Challenger II / Leclerc / Leopard 2A7 would be pretty interesting stuff for a modern micro wargamer, I think?!
Below is an indicative list of what various countries field (in no way comprehensive, but it gives a flavour):
Qatar Leopard 2A7
·        M1A1 and M1A2 (Export models - Saudi, Iraq & Kuwait)
·        Leopard 2A7 (Qatar - on order, Saudi - in negotiations)
·        Leclerc (UAE)
·        AMX-30 (various)
·        Challenger I (Jordan)
·        Challenger II (Oman)
·        Chieftan (Jordan & Iran, in reserve)
·        M60A1 & M60A3 (various)
·        T-72 (various)
·        T-62 (various)
·        T-55 & Type 59 (various)
·        M-84 (Kuwait)

IFVs / APCs:

·        M2 Bradley (Saudi, Iraq)
·        Desert Warrior (Kuwait)
·        Stryker (Iraq)
·        LAV / Piranha-II (various)
·        LAV-III (Saudi)
·        AIFV / YPR-765 (various)
·        Ratel (various)
·        AMX-10 (various)
·        M113 (various)
·        BTR-60 & BTR-80 (various)
·        BTR-3 & BTR-4
·        BTR-94
·        BMP-1 & BMP-2 (various)
·        BMP-3 (UAE, Kuwait)
·        Centauro
·        VBL & VAB
·        WZ-551
·        AMV

·        Scorpion
·        Scimitar
·        M109
·        M110
·        M198
·        HIMARS
·        MLRS
·        M901
·        YPR-765 PRAT
·        Caesar
·        PzH-2000
·        G-6
·        FH-70
·        Urutu
·        Panhard AML
·        Fuchs
·        Ferret
·        Saracen
·        BM-21
·        BM-30
·        TOS-1


  1. I 200% agree with you! Pitting western against western and WarPac/Chinese against WarPac/Chinese is one of the reasons for my campaign set on a fictional mini-continent. In one air combat engagement, I had Kfir jets squaring off against JAS 39 Gripens.

    1. That's an interesting fight, between the Kfirs and Gripens. Who won that one?

  2. Very interesting - I wonder she we'll start to see some more modern Russian stuff re-apperaig, like T-90s.

  3. Apparently the Saudi Leopard deal was recently scrapped, thanks to internal pressure in the German government.

    1. Yep, I did see that, but maybe they'll re-negotiate at some stage. In any case Qatar has Leo-IIs, so they're still an option for scenarios in the region : )

  4. Exactly why I make mine the way I do my friend! (That's when I actually GET to make them at the moment, got to love studying medical science... time for myself? What time for myself!)

    I like to use the Force Generator Dice from Nordic Weasel's "NOT JUST A BUSH WAR" to give me an idea of what my nationality uses for its vehicles.

    Has given me quite the eclectic mix at times!