Friday, September 23, 2016

6mm Aussies

The blog has had a bit of a hiatus recently, but I have been busy painting!

I've been working on some more 6mm stuff, both for the Cold War period and also ultra-modern period for our 6mm African Imagi-Nations gaming. Below is some miniatures for the latter - they are some 6mm Australian forces to intervene (as part of a coalition of course!) in our fictional African conflict.

As a starting point, I've painted 15 each (because they come in packs of 5) of: ASLAV (Aussie version of LAV-25), Bushmaster PMV (Aussie MRAP equivalent), M113AS4 (Aussie modernised and lengthened M113), M1A1 AIM SA (the Aussie variant of M1A1), and Boxer IFV (IFV version of the German Boxer APC).

This last one (Boxer IFV) was included because it is one of the two vehicles down-selected this year to progress to field trials for the "Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle, CRV" requirement for the Australian army, to replace the ASLAV (the other vehicle is the Patria AMV, fitted with CV-9035 turret). But since only the Boxer IFV model is available (it was just released last month by GHQ incidentally), it made the cut by default into my fictional Aussie force. It's a great model and really looks the part too! Pics are below:

Bushmaster PMV



Boxer IFV (future CRV?)

The Oz collection to date

Infantry is next!!


  1. They look good Bish - fine job! 75 vehicles is quite a large intervention force isn't it?

    1. Haha, you're right it is a lot, BUT only if I were to use them all at once. I bought enough to field a company sized group of each type in order to give me *options*.

      In all likelihood, the force fielded would be an infantry company in Bushmaster PMVs (or M113AS4s), plus a troop (4-ish) of ASLAVs (or Boxers) for Recce or fire support, and maybe up to a troop(4) of M1A1s in support.

  2. They look great, can't beat a bit of 6mm moderns.

    Looking forward to seeing them in a game.



  3. Brilliant stuff as always Bish! What colours did you use for the Black and Brown? Mine are more on the pinker side of the 'Pink Brown' whereas yours are looking more like what I will make my M113s/M1 Abrams. The black looks infinitely better than mine in my opinion, much less sheen to it!

    1. Ok, so since you've asked, the colours and process I used are as follows (all paints are from the Vallejo 'Model Colour' range, unless noted otherwise).

      General tips: For 6mm (and 3mm) minis I always go a lighter colour than you'd otherwise think. The colours often look strange until the last step, which is a wash with Army Painter 'Soft Tone' Ink (the one in the bottle, not the can). This needs to be factored into the base colour selections because it will give a very slight darkening effect and a tinge of Brown.

      Step 1: 'Khaki' base coat (for the Green-ish Parts)

      Step 2: 'Tan Yellow' for the brown-ish camo areas. (Ink wash in Step 5 darkens this a bit).

      Step 3: 'German Grey' for the black camo areas.

      Step 4: Dry-brush lightly with 'Desert Yellow'. This enhances raised deail, and also ties the whole model together.

      Step 5: Wash all over with Army Painter 'Soft Tone' Ink. This provides the shadow and depth in recessed areas and, like the dry-brush step, ties the model together.

      Step 6: Details in other colours as appropriate. eg. Black Ink on MGs, Tracks and Tires, 'German Cam Extra Dark Green' for Windscreens/windows, etc.

      Done : )

    2. Ah great ideas! I considered German Grey by itself at first but wasn't 100% convinced... how wrong was I!

  4. Fantastic paint jobs! Is the M113AS4 a GHQ model?

  5. Nat, since you were wrong, send those defective vehicles to me for disposal. Bish, thank you, nice blog.