Thursday, September 29, 2016

Re-conditioned eBay 6mm Russians

I have been adding to my 6mm collection over the past few months through eBay purchases. I've found some good 'bargain' pick ups, and have also ended up with some 'odds and ends' (that perhaps I wouldn't normally buy new) as part of 'package deals'. On reflection, this is a good thing as my collection has grown more organically and in some unexpected directions. The odds and ends are pretty useful to throw into eclectic third world forces, or just provide some variety for more main-stream forces.

One of my recent pick ups was a lot of 37x GHQ T-80Us - an instant tank battalion! The price was right, but the paint scheme was not really to my liking so I bought them with the intent of repainting. Photos are below of the original scheme - a very dark green, with very light greenish-grey camo spots. No higlighting or shading.

The T-80U Battalion - original colours
Close up view of the colours

And a closer view. The paint was a little thick and shiny for my liking as well.

Repainting, however, turned out to be very much easier than I expected. The base-coating was already done for me, and the very dark and very light contrasting colours provided a good basis for a couple of simple further steps.

A quick dry brush of Vallejo 'Yellow Ochre' highlighted the details and unified the two contrasting camo colours somewhat. Already a great improvement.

A quick dry brush starts to bring the scheme together more, and bring out detail.

This was followed with an Army Painter 'Soft Tone' ink wash, providing shading and bringing out further detail. This made even more of an improvement - I have become a massive fan of the Army Painter inks.

After an Ink Wash, they're looking very nice and the details are really brought out.

I'm pretty pleased with the final effect and think the camo scheme looks pretty cool. I'm probably going to paint some other vehicles in the same scheme, to put in the same unit as supports (BMPs etc.)

Close up view of the re-touched tanks.
Pretty quick work to churn out a battalion when they're already base-coated
and all you need to do is a dry brush and wash!


  1. Great work Bish - excellent outcome

    Realistic too - reconditioned Soviet armour has been very popular over the last seven decades or so!

  2. Love the work in making those models pop. If you're after an army composition that is a bit different try doing a Yemeni flavour - AML's, Ratels, Hummers, BMPs and T-80s.

    Heck I might even do it myself! :)

    1. Hmmm, interesting. I didn't know the Yemenis had T-80s - I thought they had never been exported? I'll have to investigate, thanks : )

    2. Yeah a few countries have them.

      The real interesting one is the T-64. Of all places to be exported to... the Congo... just the Congo! :)

  3. How are finding all these deal on EBay, must be the States as very little appears in the UK.

    Great work by the way on all your 6mm stuff

    1. Yep, eBay US. I've been checking it for months now - you need to have a bit of patience, but good stuff comes up every now and then.

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