Sunday, February 19, 2017

3mm gaming at 1:1 - Painting and Basing

This post follows on from my last post about 1:1 gaming with 3mm miniatures.

I made my decision on the base I would use for my minis based for 1:1 gaming. I decided to go with option 3 from the last post. These are the 1.5mm thick acrylic bases from Gamecraft, 1"x 5/8" (25x15mm).

So I decided to paint some minis up quickly to see what they would look like in the finished state instead of the mock-ups I laid out last time. Minis are all from Oddzial Osmy (PicoArmor)  and comprise some of their new Russian T-80Us and some of the US Modern Infantry.

The process for painting and basing is below. All paints are Vallejo Model Colour, except where otherwise specified.

Stick the infantry minis to the bases.
I decided to use the smaller 5/8" x 1/2" bases for small 2-3 man teams,
otherwise they'd just look silly on the bigger bases.

Stick the tank minis to a stick.

Undercoat infantry Russian Uniform WWII.

Vehicle bases were textured with Vallejo Brown Earth textured gel...

...This is the stuff.

Infantry bases too.

T-80Us were undercoated Vallejo Russian Green Surface Primer.

I decided to make them camouflaged. Spots added with Deck Tan.

The bases again, showing the fine grainy texture.

Dry-brush vehicles with Desert Yellow.
Looks very messy at this stage, but the dry-brush brings out the raised surfaces.

Also dry-brush the raised texture on the bases.

Infantry get the same treatment.
Desert Yellow highlight also gives the US Infantry their final uniform colour.
(close enough anyway - there's no way I'm doing MultiCam in 3mm!)

MGs painted in German Grey.
This close up shows how messy the dry-brushing looks, but later stages rectify this.

Infantry Small Arms too.
Infantry also get little flesh (Sunny Skin Tone) dots for fles areas.

Javelin ATGM tube is painted in Dark Yellow.

Then my favourite stuff:
Army Painter Soft Tone Quickshade wash.

The Soft Tone wash provides all the shading, quickly and easily.
Also covers the messy dry-brush look.

Same on the infantry.

Bases get some fine flock.
Here it is Woodland Scenic Earth Blend and Grass Blend in patches.

Infantry bases too.

Stick the tanks onto their bases. Then add some static-grass clumps.

The four tank T-80U platoon complete.

US Infantry Squad complete.
Larger base is the Rifle/MG team (in Team Yankee type terms).
Smaller base (5/8" x 1/2") is the ATGM team.

I'm pretty happy with the results. Quick, effective, and I think the minis will look good on the table for some lower level actions. Team Yankee style, or perhaps FFT in 1:1, or even something like Sabre Squadron.


  1. They look awesome Bish- great job!

    When can we play with them? :-)

  2. I love it! Been thinking of something along these lines, as usual you have done it first and paved the way. Article in recent Armor magazine about Russian combined arms battalion combat groups and more training emphasis on the decisive action environment has me thinking. Great looking stuff as always!