Friday, August 21, 2009

A warm welcome to all to the Tiny Tanks 3mm blog. I am new to blogging, so please bear with me on my journey of discovery into the high-tech world of blogging.

In case it isn't obvious from the blog title, I'm aiming this blog specifically at 1:600 scale wargaming of the 20th and 21st century. My intent is initially to concentrate on the post-WW2 period, known commonly amongst gamers as "Moderns". Having said that, however, I have enjoyed some WW2 gaming in the past so I'll leave the blog's scope wide enough to branch out later into WW2 gaming.

Like many blogs (I suspect) I've started this one on a whim. So not a great deal of planning has gone into it, and I intend to simply add content as I think of it. I'll just see how things develop. I've been working on various projects in the 3mm modern gaming area, and I'll just upload these as I go along for the benefit of anyone interested. Some of the stuff I intend to do is:
  • Photos of what I've been collecting and painting.Maybe a bit of a blurb on basing and painting the fine little miniatures on offer, as well as how I go about making terrain for my games.
  • I've been playing a few games, so I'll put the odd wargames battle report up.
  • I've also been collecting and trying out various rules for the modern period, so I'll probably post some commentaries on what I think of the various rules, and some 'tweaks' I come up with as house rules.
  • I have been working on various forms of a campaign for the modern period. They're all hypothetical (or downright fictional!) just to let me explore some situations and not be too tied down to real world events. At some stage I'll probably post the rules for my campaign and then as we get into playing it, some campaign reports. This is one area where I can see the blog being useful as a way of developing campaign background and history. Maybe others can eventually join in, like many bloggers do for 18th century gaming with their "imagi-Nations"?
  • I've been reading up a lot lately on the history of various late 20th Century conflicts (but mainly the Arab-Israeli wars), and also seeking out wargames scenarios for the same from wherever I can find them. I'll probably write a few scenarios up (both historical and hypothetical) for my own play, and that of anyone else that finds them interesting.
So that's the plan, subject to whimsical changes whenever the urge takes me. Enjoy :)