Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pics of KTM...

Real life has delayed my painting of the Kokoda Trail Models 1:600 miniatures that I received a few weeks ago. But finally, I've painted some and posted some examples below. All are destined for my upcoming campaign.

The campaign is set 10 years into the future, and pits the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and some coalition allies against a fictional enemy. So the items below are a mix of ADF and Red Force vehicles. Keen observers will note that not all the vehicles in Oz colours are actually in service with the ADF. But it's a future, fictional campaign, so I'm trying out a few "what-if" scenarios. I'm also assuming a few of our current projects will deliver, and have just picked some possible vehicles based on the models that are available...

So, what about the KTM miniatures? Well, I'm pretty happy with them. As I said last time, the KTM / Shapeways service is excellent. The quality is pretty good; the models aren't quite as detailed as the Oddzial Osmy (O8) miniatures that form the rest of my collection, but they are excellent for filling gaps that O8 don't produce. Or even making up some fictional vehicles!

This is how the vehicles arrive.
The models pictured are actually 2S23s (BTR-80s with a 2S9 120mm Gun-Mortar turret fitted), which will equip the Red Motorised (BTR) battalions.

Shredder Armoured Breaching Vehicles.
I'm adding these to the Oz Combat Engineer Regiments

Armoured Engineer Vehicles.
I'm adding these to the Oz Combat Engineer Regiments

A Red Mechanised Infantry Company.
One of their Formations is equipped with Patria AMVs
Three Infantry Platoons, and a Fire Support Platoon (left, with AMV w AMOS turret)

A close up of the AMVs with AMOS turret (twin 120mm Gun-Mortar)
The 4th vehicle at the rear is an O8 AMV (Polish 'Rosomak' version) for comparison - you can see the style and detail is a little different, but hey, O8 don't produce AMVs with AMOS!!

The Aussies have also fitted the AMOS turret to their Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRVs) in the Fire Support Troop of the Cavalry Squadrons within the Oz Armoured Cavalry Regiment (ACR)

The IFV Squadron of an Oz ACR.
I've equipped them with a modified CV9035 (O8 models), which I called 'Waler' IFVs
(a Waler is a wild Aussie Horse, kind of like a Mustang in the US. They have historical significance as they were used by the Australian Light Horse Regiments in the First World War)

The Cavalry Squadron of the ACR.
I've equipped them with modified VBCIs, which I called 'Goanna' CRVs (a Goanna is a large Australian monitor lizard...).
The majority are O8 VBCI models, with the KTM fire support (AMOS) vehicles at the rear. 

An Aussie IFV and Infantry Platoon

The Tank Squadron of the ACR - M1A1 AIM-SA MBTs (with TUSK fitted) (O8 minis)

close up of the Waler IFVs (O8 CV-90 minis)

Wolverine Heavy Assault Bridges (HABs) - these also equip the Aussie Combat Engineer Regiments.