Monday, August 17, 2015

Going the Full Hex


I've mentioned before that I prefer rules that are convertible for use with my Hex terrain. I've now had a go at doing some modifications for making Fistful of TOWs playable using hexes.

The necessary house rules, and a Hex version of the FFT QRS are now permanently linked in my reference and house rules section (over in the right margin). The QRS was very kindly done for me by Paul Minson, one of the esteemed authors of FFT.

So why would I do this? Well, basically to further speed up play and to reduce the quibbles that otherwise occur over ranges, distances, terrain, arcs, etc (reducing these in itself further reduces time). With all game measurements in hexes, there is no need for rulers - just count the number of hexes. Likewise a hex counts as a certain type of terrain, and any stand in that hex will occupy that terrain type by default. Stands are in either one hex or another (they can't be in both), and their facing is determined by their orientation to a particular hex vertex.

I've tried these rules and they do indeed speed game play. The minor loss in granularity caused by rounding off inches here and there all seems to balance out, and the gains in speed and ease of play far outweigh this issue, in my opinion. Feel free to give it a try if you have hex terrain of your own!


  1. Looking forward to giving them a bash with you sometime!

  2. Just stumbled across your site. Love your 3mm Cold War stuff! I've just started getting some of the Picoarmor myself. What size bases are you using for the various unit types? Thanks.

  3. I use different base sizes, based on the number of vehicles / squads in the stand (platoon/half-company in the rules I play most).

    My general rule is 10mm frontage per vehicle/squad. So most stands end up with between 30-50mm frontage. Depth is 30mm for infantry and 40mm for others.

    Since a few people have asked about basing on this and other sites, I think I'll do a post on basing soon with some photos and examples : )

  4. Hello,
    is there a way of contacting you?
    I would like to have a little chat with you about the period and the terrain.

  5. Marv, my sincere apologies - I was just looking back through the comments and saw that I'd failed to respond to you. It's only been 9 months (!!), so hopefully better late than never.
    I prefer not to give my email online so as to avoid spamming, however you should be able to PM me through Blogger. If not, I'm on Yahoo Groups or TMP, both as 'bishnak'. I'm more than happy to discuss 3mm minis and terrain - in fact it's one of my favourite topics!

  6. I am trying to find the QRS you mention in the Hex Modifications doc - it looks like both documents are the same? Thanks for giving me access by the way to the Google drive earlier.