Sunday, October 23, 2016

(More) Modern 6mm US for Team Yankee

Following the theme of other recent posts, I have also picked up some 6mm GHQ US forces on eBay that I plan to use for "Team Yankee".

Some of the minis were brand new and some were used and requiring re-painting. First I picked up a new GHQ "US Mechanized Infantry Combat Command" comprising 14x M2s, some HMMWVs (3), some Trucks (3), an M577 Command vehicle, a M113A3, and a M113A1. I also picked up a lot of 11x M1s second hand (one had a gun barrel that broke off leaving me with 10, although I'll try and repair the broken one at some stage...).

The second hand M1s in need of a touch up

These troops would be added to my existing Team Yankee forces, so I decided to paint them in the distinctive MERDC camo scheme on the '80s.

Base colour was Vallejo 'US Olive Drab' Primer. Then Vallejo 'Tan Yellow' for the Brown camo areas. Finally Vallejo 'German Grey' and Vallejo 'Deck Tan' for the black and camo stripes respectively.

This photo makes them look like they need a little matt varnish,
but they're actually ok in the flesh.

M2 Bradleys - Love these GHQ models, they're super detailed.

A decent sized starting force for Team Yankee,
and a good foundation for a larger force for other rules systems (eg. Fistful of TOWs)

Close up of the M1s


  1. Beautiful work.
    GHQ do amazing work, hard to belive they get so much detail on 6mm.

  2. Great work man! I don't mind the odd dodgy turret or model here and there... just an excuse to make another interesting objective marker I say! :)