Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Entrenched Infantry Markers

I recently had an idea for something that I thought would be useful for my games and that wouldn't be too difficult - entrenched Infantry markers. These would be placed on table whenever any infantry deployed dug in (or replace infantry bases that entrenched themselves during a game).

I thought these could look cool and improve the overall aesthetics of my games. So here's how I made them:

I described what I wanted to my local supplier with a laser cutter (Olympian Games).
He quickly knocked up the design and the laser cutter quickly made fifty of them for me!
They are 50x50mm, with seven 12x5mm cut-outs (for the trenches).

I covered in PVA glue and flocked with Woodland Scenics 'Earth Blend'.

I had some 50x50mm steel bases from a previous project.
These are to glue to the bottom of the other base. Card or styrene could be used also.

I painted them brown, so the steel wouldn't be seen in the bottom of the trenches.

...and stuck it to the bottom of the base.
Some infantry were stuck in the trenches with PVA glue.
These had previously been undercoated (brown), dry-brushed (yellow ochre),
painted with Army Painter Quick-shade, and matt varnished. 

I wanted to give the impression that soil from the trenches had been piled behind the holes.
For this, I used some Vallejo 'Brown Earth' basing gel.

(This is the product)

Once dry, I dry-brushed the "soil" with a light sand colour.
The infantry helmets were also highlighted, and their faces and rifles painted.

Final touches were adding some of the grass blend I use for all my bases,
then added some static-grass clumps.

The finished dug-in infantry on the table.